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Hi I'm Cara! :) (Cara_Larm on twittah)
Movie nerd, Twitter whore, YouTuber, Concert goer, Potterhead, Disney freak, Gleek, StarKid, Whovian, Tribute and all around book worm.
19, obsessed with Crash Bandicoot & still mentally in the '90s.
Very proud member of Slytherin house! :)

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1. Fall Out Boy, haha. It was a free ticket, k? 

2. Full set? Honor Society! :) and a Simple Plan mini Set on New Years :)

3. I think i’ve seen every band i’d want to at least once.. so Allstar Weekend, actually. but every band i’ve seen before, im dying to see again.

 1. jonas brothers

2. honor society

3. shit, i’ve seen so many shows i’ve wanted to see. but i guess if i had to pick one? miley cyrus.

1. jonas brothers :)

2. ACTION ITEM <3 ! :)

3.  Katy Perry. okay so she isnt a band but i would die to see her live. :):) plus, ive seen all the bands that i would want to see live, ive already had hahahaha :D

1. Jonas Brothers. <3

2. Good Luck Jane! :D

3. Lady Gaga! Omg! It’d be so interesting!

  1. McFly
  2. FranKo, You Me At Six & Action Item (I saw them all in the same month within a couple days of each other so they’re all recent)
  3. Hot Chelle Rae or Before You Exit

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    Just going through my old posts because of Sam aka theoneguyonyt on twitter (holy shit Sam, how do you even remember me,...
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    1. Family Force 5 2. Skillet 3. Warped Tour, Def Leppard
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    1. Kaiser Chiefs 2. Elbow 3. Paramore (August baby!)
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    1. Trans-Siberian Orchestra BITCH 2. The Foo Fighters ftw 3. COHEED AND CAMBRIA. I MUST SEEEEEEEEEEEE
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    My Chemical Romance (Stop laughing, yes I am ashamed!) Godsmack Evanescence (Three more weeks!!!!!!)
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    1. Muse 2. Muse (okay not recently but I haven’t gigged in 2 years) 3. Muse
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    updating it 1. The Subways (freaking awesome and sweaty… :D) 2. blink-182 (FINALLY! FINALLY FINALLY! It was SOO good....
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    my first was a christian concert, i don’t remember who though my first memorable one was Hey Monday (followed by Metro...
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    1. Paramore :) 2. Skillet 3. Rise Against..i missed them a few months ago and they were only like an hour away from...
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    Breathe Carolina, Bamboozle (so many bands i recently saw), and New Found Glory :] WARPED 2012
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    Dispatch, n/a, rise against
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    i’m bored so let’s do this: dan fogelberg (i was three months old) the gk tour in march ALL TIME LOW IN LIKE 17 DAYS...
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    1. Simple Plan (or actually Kids In Glass Houses, their support
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    1. Hannah Montana *vomit*but idk if shes a band..maybe the Wiggles or something 2. Panic! At the Disco 3. My Chemical...
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    1. The Ark. 2. Young Guns. 3. Young Guns, Bring Me The Horizon, Deaf Havana or Avenged Sevenfold.
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    forget—about—the—dirty—looks:...Avenged Sevenfold
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    1. Trivium 2. Nero 3. Knife Party
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    1.The Pixies 2.AWOLNATION 3.Motion
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    1. Mayday parade 2. Deaf Havana 3. My chemical romance or 30 seconds to mars
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    Less Than Jake The Swellers Motion City Soundtrack
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    van velzen/ ilse de lange (not realy bands :$)...we the kings, simple plsn, destine and...
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    1. backstreet boys…. 2. Simple Plan w/ We The Kings 3. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts & Tegan and Sara & now, now & Love,...
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    1. Jonas Brothers 2. Band? Jonas Brothers. Person (which was a few months ago) Katy Perry 3. ONE FUCKING DIRECTION
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    1) Marianas Trench (Feb.20, 2010) 2) All Time Low/Mayday Parade/ We Are The In Crowd/ Brighter (Aug. 15,2011) 3)...
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    1. Never Shout Never c: 2. Apocalyptica c: 3. A day to remember o.o
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    1. BFD 09. (can’t remember the line up) 2. Foo Fighters 3. Ummm I’d like to see Paramore for the first time or A Day To...
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    1. Avril Lagvine 2. Downtown Fiction/The Readyset/The Summer Set/ Paradise Fears 3. EVANESCENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
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    1. Artist: Avril Lavigne Band: The Black Eyed Peas 2. Action Item :’) 3. All Time Low motherfuckers. FEBRUARY...
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    STREET CORNER SYMPHONY. Omgomgomgomgomg
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    1. Fall Out Boy 2. I haven’t seen one in a really long time lol Justin Bieber WHY 3. Young the Giant
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    1. Jesus on Ecstasy 2. Die Ärzte 3. Rammstein, Molotov Jukebox, The Prodigy
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    1. Michael Jackson 2. Espen Lind, Alejandro Fuentes, Kurt Nilsen, Askil Holm. 3: Kamelot
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    1. Steps 2. FTSK/Action Item 3. We The Kings (Bring on May 1st)
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    1. Breaking Benjamin
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    1. The Beach Boys. Lol 2. Holly Would! :) 3. Hot Chelle Rae
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    1. we the kings 2. a rocket to the moon 3. all time low
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    1. All Time Low 2. All Time Low 3. Falling in Reverse
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    1. The Jonas Brothers 2. TAYLOR SWIFT 9not really a band but i don’t care) 3. One Direction (Recently fell in love with...